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Q. How do I make my data public?

A. You can do it while logged in to your Activision account on or or on the official COD Companion App. Follow the guide on Youtube for instructions.

Q. How can I help COD Ranked?

A. Help us to get Activision's attention to enable our access to the full API functionalities. This would allow us to give you more frequent profile refreshes and no longer require you to change your data privacy settings to use COD Ranked and WZ Ranked.

Q. Why do my COD Ranked stats differ from in-game stats?

A. We aggregate your stats from individual matches that we find in your match history instead of taking the aggregates directly from the game. This method allows us to provide more granular insights. Unfortunately small differences can sometimes arise due to technical issues resulting in some games not registering in your match history or some games not impacting your in-game stats. Read more on Activision's website here.

Q. Why do my COD Ranked stats contain only few games?

A. As we derive your stats from all your games in your match history, you need to load your entire match history by clicking Load More under the match history on the Dashboard page. Do this repeatedly until you reach the end and the Load More button disappears. Doing this once for your entire history is sufficient if you return to the website regularly to keep your stats up to date. We delete your data after 30 days of inactivity. We will improve the procedure later on once everyone has too many games played to do this manually.

About me

COD Ranked is a fan-made website developed by @onetwoDecember. It is greatly inspired by my first project WZ Ranked. I launched WZ Ranked in December 2020 with an idea to create a tool to check my gulag win ratio and to track my K/D ratio over time. Now WZ Ranked is among the most popular stats trackers for COD: Warzone. It is only possible thanks to the wonderful community that has followed the project since the very beginning and donated financial support, provided suggestions, reported issues, moderated our Discord channels or referenced our data in their content creation.

My goal is to make COD Ranked more robust and easier to use than WZ Ranked, while still keeping the same simplistic design. I will rebuild WZ Ranked to incorporate the lessons learnt after the release date of Warzone Pacific. I am looking forward to another exciting year!

COD Ranked and WZ Ranked are fan-made projects. All data is sourced from Activision. However, Activision Publishing, Inc. does not endorse the websites or guarantee the accuracy of content generated by COD Ranked or WZ Ranked. Activision, Call of Duty, Call of Duty: Vanguard, Call of Duty: Warzone and Warzone are trademarks of Activision Publishing, Inc.